Monsters, Mayhem, and Music Showcase

Dance Station students, teachers, and other lifeforms put on quite a show at the studio’s pre-Halloween “Monsters, Mayhem, and Music” showcase.

Students who performed at the Oct. 27, 2018 showcase were Cecelia Rosella Baldwin, Sarah Carswell, Arturo Chavez, Nicolasa Chavez, Caliana Clemente, Dave Cremers, Adrianna Duncan, Patricia Duran, Masako Drugan, and Marlane Hamilton.

Also, Nancy Leverenz, Victoria Lujan, Finn Maurice, Jana Millard, Matt Mitchell, Katherine Nydes, Barbara Pattelena, Andrei Piryatinski, Peter Pesic and Kathy Roybal.

Also, Caroline Townsley, Nancy Wolfe and Ssu Weng.

Their teachers, who worked hard to make these performances successful (and the costumes outrageously memorable), were Lawrence Black, John DiMarino, Mike Garcia, Elli Hindemarch, Jason Miller, Mary Miller, Cheryl Noonan, and Michael Walker. The emcee was Susan Hamre.

Many thanks to Gail MacQuesten for the great photos!