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On a Thanksgiving like no other, I am profoundly thankful for the Dance Station community

What a year this has been! “Unprecedented” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Today, our dance world is on hiatus. Social dancing, parties, competitions … all are off for the foreseeable future. Many lives and livelihoods in our community have been upended. And yet our dance community still thrives. We have come together and supported one another. We are dancing online — and soon Dance Station will debut its first-ever “virtual” student showcase that you’ll be able to view at home. Our lives continue to be filled, and even fulfilled, by our love and engagement in dance.

In these times I have found resilience to be my savior. But it isn’t something I derived from myself. Rather, it comes from the strength and generosity of my dear community. When I saw no light at the end of the tunnel during our spring shutdown, and experienced the darkness and uncertainty of when or even whether the studio would reopen, it was my students, my friends, and my family that provided the strength and courage to proceed.

As I write this, the Dance Station is closed once again. But this time the territory and experience are more familiar and less foreboding. I don’t know what the coming months will look like, or what struggles lie ahead. But I do know that the strength, love, generosity, and resilience of our community — of you, my most dear friends and family — will see us through.

Please hold fast the connections of our community. Call a friend, extend help, offer a listening ear. It is the spreading web of our people and our dancers that has made Dance Station successful, and will ensure its survival.

My gratitude to all of you runs deeper every year, but it is especially profound this year. I am certain times will change and will find us all dancing together again. Thank you for providing the resilience to keep me moving forward. I wish you and yours a safe and special holiday.

— Lawrence Black

Photo: Nancy Leverenz and Lawrence will perform in our upcoming virtual showcase.