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Competitor practice returns Thursday! Come to dance or just watch

A competitor dance practice from 2020
Lawrence Black and Kathy Roybal (foreground) and Mary Miller and Doug McClellan take part in a 2020 competitor practice.

Dance Station resumes monthly competitor dance practices on Thursday, Aug. 26, at 7:30 p.m. We will host future competitor practices on the third Thursday of the month. We encourage all students who compete in ballroom or Latin dancing to participate.

Spectators are welcome at these informal events. They can attend for free, and come and go as they please. Ballroom dancers always enjoy performing before an appreciative audience!

We model these competitor dance practices after a real dance competition. Competitor practice helps Dance Station students develop their floorcraft, stamina, and performance techniques. In a competition, couples have to perform a certain number of dances back-to-back with only a short break between each one. They must navigate an often crowded dance floor amid several other couples, which requires them to think on their feet. And no matter how tired they are or how packed the floor is, dancers must remember to always keep smiling!

Students: Please reserve your place before Thursday’s practice, whether you are dancing with a teacher or with another student partner, so we can slot you into the schedule.

For more information, or to sign up, talk to Mary, Kathy, or Lawrence, or email the studio at

To see what else is going on at Dance Station, please check out our class calendar. And if dance competitions sound like fun but you aren’t sure how to get started, why not try our $40 Introductory Dance Lesson?

Thursday’s competitor dance practice will help the Dance Station teachers and students who are preparing to compete in next month’s Dance Fiesta, New Mexico’s longest-running ballroom, Latin, swing, and Country-Western competition.