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Watch our new Virtual Student Showcase from home!



Dance Station is usually filled with spectators whenever we throw one of our student showcases. But like so many other things in 2020, we’ve had to do much of our work virtually. Now, we are proud to announce that our latest student showcase is available to view online. All 12 showcase videos are free to stream.

We call it “Dancing Through the Decades 1920-2020.” Please join me in congratulating our participating students: Dave Cremers, Ted Kreifals, Nancy Leverenz, Katherine Nydes, Barbara Pattelena, Peter Pesic, Kathy Roybal, Marie Stoffer, and Meg Wilburn.

I’d also like to offer a special thanks to our teachers who joined me in choreographing and performing these routines: Mike Garcia, Elli Hindmarch, and Mary Miller.

We are excited to share our dancing in this new format. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot and have really enjoyed the benefits of producing this video showcase. We’re happy that we can now share it with you.

So welcome to “Dancing Through the Decades 1920-2020!” You provide the dinner and we provide the show! Click here to watch the showcase videos.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few photos from the showcase performances!

On a Thanksgiving like no other, I am profoundly thankful for the Dance Station community

Lawrence and Nancy Leverenz will perform in our upcoming virtual showcase.

What a year this has been! “Unprecedented” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Today, our dance world is on hiatus. Social dancing, parties, competitions … all are off for the foreseeable future. Many lives and livelihoods in our community have been upended. And yet our dance community still thrives. We have come together and supported one another. We are dancing online — and soon Dance Station will debut its first-ever “virtual” student showcase that you’ll be able to view at home. Our lives continue to be filled, and even fulfilled, by our love and engagement in dance.

In these times I have found resilience to be my savior. But it isn’t something I derived from myself. Rather, it comes from the strength and generosity of my dear community. When I saw no light at the end of the tunnel during our spring shutdown, and experienced the darkness and uncertainty of when or even whether the studio would reopen, it was my students, my friends, and my family that provided the strength and courage to proceed.

As I write this, the Dance Station is closed once again. But this time the territory and experience are more familiar and less foreboding. I don’t know what the coming months will look like, or what struggles lie ahead. But I do know that the strength, love, generosity, and resilience of our community — of you, my most dear friends and family — will see us through.

Please hold fast the connections of our community. Call a friend, extend help, offer a listening ear. It is the spreading web of our people and our dancers that has made Dance Station successful, and will ensure its survival.

My gratitude to all of you runs deeper every year, but it is especially profound this year. I am certain times will change and will find us all dancing together again. Thank you for providing the resilience to keep me moving forward. I wish you and yours a safe and special holiday.

— Lawrence Black

Dance Station Closure

Dance Station will be closed through April 10 per state orders in an effort to slow the spread of Covid 19. All lessons, group classes, and other activities will be cancelled during this time. Please be careful and kind. We will be dancing again soon.

If you have any questions feel free to call at 505-989-9788 and sign up at for updates. Thank you.

An Important Message for our Students

To all of our Dance Station friends and family:
In light of current events we are making some changes to our schedule for the remainder of March. All group partner dance classes will be cancelled along with the Competitor Practice, Tango Practica, and Blues Dance. Our Jazzercise classes and Michael Walker’s Dance Technique class will remain on the schedule as there is no contact with other students in these classes. All of our teachers are available for private lessons, please contact them directly to make or change appointments. (Contact list at bottom of this message)

We are asking that students and teachers wash their hands thoroughly before and after lessons. If you feel ill please stay at home. Please use your best judgement about attending lessons if you have traveled, especially if you have been in areas where the virus cases are spiking.

We are increasing cleaning in the studio, especially door handles and other frequently handled surfaces. Our Jazzercise classes will be following an all standing format to eliminate the use of mats and weights. We are also making some schedule adjustments to keep a lighter flow of traffic in the studio.

This is a stressful time for many people with constantly evolving circumstances. We hope by taking precautions and keeping our private lessons and Jazzercise classes available we can safely bring the positive effects of dance to all our lives. You will also be supporting our teachers as they and their families face this uncertainty. Most of all we thank you all for your continued support and commitment.

Instructor Contacts:
Lawrence and Mary: (505) 989-9788 /
Arturo Chavez: (505) 228-7788
Dave Duncklee: (505) 660-8419
Patricia Duran: (505) 577-3273
Mike Garcia: (505) 577-2294 /
Elli Hindmarch: (505) 577-8324 /

Jazzercise: 505-226-2287/
Jason Miller: (505) 570-1024 /
Cheryl Noonan: (505) 670-6418 /
Michael Walker: (505) 795-6798

“Famous Duos and Lovers” Student Showcase

Join us Saturday, February 22 at 3pm for our Famous Duos and Lovers Student Showcase. Enjoy an afternoon of great student and teacher performances, many with a famous duos theme. We will offer light refreshments and door prizes as well as some social dancing. Our student showcases are always a hit! Admission is $5. Enjoy some photos below by Gail MacQuesten of some past showcase events!
2018 Monsters Mayhem Music Showcase 0720180210__Love Showcase_0320170805_01_De Colores_Mike and Sarah_Doug McClellan20170805_04_De Colores_Dave and Mary_Gail MacQuesten20180210__Love Showcase_14