De Colores Student Showcase

Dancing is a visual art, and when it’s combined with color it can be even more spectacular to watch. Our latest De Colores showcase featured several numbers inspired by our theme of the “colors of dance.”

Dance Station students who turned the De Colores showcase into a treat for the eyes were Sarah Carswell, Kathy Roybal, Dave Cremers, Barbara Pattelena, Arturo Chavez, Patricia Duran, Caroline Townsley, Adrianna Duncan, Andrei Piryatinski, Masako Drugan, Ted Kreifels, Peter Pesic, Katherine Nydes, Nancy Leverenz, Salie Bingham, Ted and Mire Balakirev, Matt Mitchell, Victoria Lujan, Ssu Weng, and Eileen Tenn.

Dancing with them, and helping them with choreography, were the talented team of Dance Station instructors: Lawrence Black, Mike Garcia, Elli Hindemarch, Mary and Jason Miller, Cheryl Noonan and Michael Walker.

Thanks to everyone who participated and who came out to watch!

Photos by Gail MacQuesten and Doug McClellan.